Emotional Healing Challenge

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Emotional Healing Challenge

The Alternative Tribe
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This is a 5 Day challenge will give you the tools each day to practice a different approach to healing your emotional and subconscious body. Get our free workbook and join us September 20-25th nightly at 8:00pm to unpack!

If you are interested in going deeper,share safe space in healing that fosters a more authentic sense of community; learn together to increase our collective awareness, knowledge, & understanding of the various forms and history of racism, trauma and psychic terrorism; explore our own subconscious behaviors, attitudes and beliefs, emotional lives, and relationships; and learn and practice essential emotional wellness skills to help us be at our very best–as individuals and as a people.

This Group Coaching Emotional Healing Circle begins the week of September 27, 2020 and lasts through the week of October 18, 2020.

Week 1, 10/8  - Historical Trauma, Psychic Terrorism and Racism imbedded in attitudes, values and behaviors

Week 2, 10/15 - Personal Trauma and Generational Trauma imbedded in attitudes, values and behaviors

Week 3, 10/22 - Resiliency and Recovery: Generational Triumph, Imagining a New Future and Telling New Stories

Week 4, 10/29  - Reflection, Inspiration, Wisdom, Personal Inventories and Roadmaps for Emotional Wellness

Individual Coaching is also available!

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Weekly 2 Hour Emotional Healing| Safe Space| Intentional Community| Self Reflection Guide| Educational Tools| *This workshop is targeted to address the emotional trauma and wounds of those identifying as Black, African American, Aboriginal and Native.

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